MP-60/02-10 - Insulating mat

MP-60/02-10 - Insulating mat

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Application :

  • Insulating mat for live and dead work. Maximum operating voltage: 1000 V AC - 1500 V DC.
  • Used to cover the floor for the electrical protection of operators in electrical installations. 
  • Protect the workers from the ground potential.
  • Must be adapted to the nominal voltage of the network supplying the installation on which it is used. 

Features :

  • In accordance with IEC 61111:2009 standard and to specific properties of the “C” Category (extremely low temperature folding test at – 40 °C).
  • RoHS2 compliant. REACH compliant (SVHC free).
  • Material:elastomere without halogen.
  • Unit test in production.
  • D bar code (Datamatrix) on marking with direct link to user guide and technical sheet.
  • Storage temperature: +10°C to +21°C.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +55°C.